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While many people are familiar with what bad credit means, not everyone knows what bad credit car dealers are or how they operate.

The question of "What is a bad credit auto dealership or car lot?" isn't too difficult to answer. Since most banks, credit unions, and other major lenders only tend to deal with customers with 'prime credit,' this leaves a significant amount of people who need a car, but have a poor credit rating out in the cold.

To cover this gap in lending, DGA offers financing on a vehicle through in house or third party options. 


The advantage is that people who might normally not be able to get into a car are able to finance one, even if it is at the trade off of higher cost.


True Loan Help


Buying a car with bad credit from DGA is one thing but we go a step further. We own and control True Loan Help, with many years of experience, we will help and guide consumers into rebuilding their credit showing them how it is improving every month when they make their car payment to The DGA Network.