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Dealer Group of America 

Our mission is to

create strategic alliances  

where high standards apply

to provide sales solutions for auto dealers while exceeding the expectations of consumers, colleagues, vendors, manufacturing partners, and shareholders, mixing old-school philosophy with new-age technology. 

Brittany Spaniel, CEO 

We are NOW hiring for our Franchise Dealerships in Houston area. Click Here to Apply via Zip  or at Pro Auto Jobs.  Join our team and receive training from the best in the business! No experience necessary as our car dealerships have already invested in your training through This four day kickoff workshop is valued at over $5,000.00. You will get paid during training PLUS $1,000 sign on bonus- Brittany M. Spaniel, President, and CEO


Ryde Rite 

Brick and Mortar

Opening: Postponed till 09/15/2023

Contact us for more information 


While many people are familiar with what bad credit means, not everyone knows what bad credit car dealers are or how they operate.

The question "What is a bad credit auto dealership or car lot?" isn't too difficult to answer. Since most banks, credit unions, and other significant lenders only tend to deal with customers with 'prime credit,' this leaves many people who need a car but have a poor credit rating out in the cold.

To cover this gap in lending, DGA offers financing on a vehicle through in-house or third-party options. 


The advantage is that people who might not be able to get into a car can finance one, even if it is at the trade-off of higher cost.


en espanol  

La Raza Auto Sales LLC 



Dealer Group of America 

We have developed a team of automotive experts that brings decades of experience in sales and marketing. We have you covered from the front to the back of a dealership. 


We're making control-oriented investments in dealerships, primarily in North America.  The DGA team applies a value-oriented, opportunistic investment approach with active, hands-on management, including but not limited to  Sales, Service, Parts, Body Shop, BHPH, and Accounting. This is where we have significant experience and expertise.


While we are open to investments across a range of auto industries-related companies, our primary purpose is to partner with and acquire dealerships with The DGA private equity investment team.  


Besides helping dealers achieve long-term success in marketing, we are also looking to acquire dealerships with or without property. We specialize in underperforming dealerships helping dealers nationwide gain better, more professional growth through customer and employee satisfaction by mixing old-school philosophy with new-age technology. 

You and your dealership can benefit from Dealer Group of America... relay on us to help manage your customers, inventory, advertising, and retail financing, or allow us to show you how to build and develop your BHPH on a pro level. 

We're here for you! 



"To partner with auto dealers using our experience, strength, and hope to inspire and implement better management and long-term financial solutions.  To accelerate  growth through customer and employee satisfaction by mixing old-school philosophy with new technology." Brittany M. Spaniel, CEO



Brittany Spaniel, CEO
Dallas / Houston TX
Freddy Cain
President / COO
Mayra Leal 
Sales Director 
Houston, TX 
_ZIZ6369 (2).jpg
Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson

Dino Peluso
Wholesale Manager
Dallas, TX 

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Three Galleria Tower

13155 Noel Road

Dallas, TX  75240

Wholesale Warehouse 

1200 Nesuda Rd. 

Ennis, TX 75119 



5208 Magazine ST
New Orleans, LA 70115


4909 Bissonnet St.

Bellaire, TX 77401

Tel:  214-482-9135 

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